Teknisk Ukeblad Media


Thursday before 2pm.

Note that we might need more time depending on the complexity of the banners.


Send to:

E-mail: adops@tu.no

We accept: HTML5, GIF, JEPG, PNG

We also accept 3rd party code.

To register clicks on html-ads, please visit google support for more information: https://support.google.com/dfp_sb/answer/7046799#clicktagguideline


Responsive design

All our websites use responsive design. We therefore define desktop and tablet as the same product, and we use the same formats.



We recommend that you put all text and important information on your ad no more than 150 px from the editorial content. This way, users with small screens will still be able to see the most important parts of your ad.

The wallpaper size is 1920x900. You can also deliver a 1000x300 as a top banner. This can include code, but the background must be jpg/png/gif.